Azimut Atlantic Challenger

Azimut Atlantic Challenger
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The Blue Riband trophy was inaugurated in 1933 by the Englishman Harold Holes for the fastest Atlantic crossing by a passenger ship.
In 1952 it was awarded to the ocean-going steamship United States, which traversed the Atlantic in 82 hours and 40 minutes, and that proved to be the last time it was awarded. To this day the trophy stands in Long Island Naval Museum. In 1986 the English aviation industrialist Richard Branson crossed the Atlantic in a new record time of 80 hours and 31 minutes in his 21.95 m long Virgin Atlantic Challenger. However, the Americans refused him the trophy, as the Virgin was not a passenger vessel, had been refueled en rout, and was not in regular line service.
In response Branson inaugurated a new cup: the Virgin Atlantic Trophy, which is awarded to the vessel which crosses the Atlantic the fastest by any means.
Contents of the quick-build kit
Quick-build plan showing R/C installation, including building instructions in German, English and French. GRP hull with machined openings for the JET propulsion systems, die-cut deck and other wooden parts, vacuum-moulded superstructure, roll-over mast, lifesavers, ventilators, radar aerials, strip material, wire transfer sheet, hardware pack.

R/C functions
Rudder Speed control Reverse thrust mechanism Auxiliary working systems such as position lamps, diesel sound generator and others may be installed at the builder's discretion.

Hull length approx. 1220 mm Length overall approx. 1310 mm Beam approx. 340 mm Weight (with R/C system, without drive battery) approx. 4.5 kg Max. supplementary load 5.0 kg Top speed approx. 18 km/h Scale approx. 1:20

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Price:359.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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