Graupner GR65 Class

Graupner GR65 Class
Ref: 9094
The GR65 is a sail yacht based on the RG65 class. The kit is assembled in just a few steps. Only minor work is needed for completion. Just a few additional components need to be purchased and installed in order to operate the model. The kit was developed with the latest design techniques on a 3D CAD/CAM system. All components are made of vacuum-moulded ABS and CNC-machined. The GR65 was designed to reflect developments on the regatta scene and it constitutes a model intended for ambitious regatta work. Hull, deck, hatch cover and keel mast socket are made of vacuum-moulded CNC-machined ABS. Many parts are pre-assembled so the GR65 can be set up quickly. The sails have to be mounted, because they are packed separately to avoid crinkling. The keel fin and rudder are injection-moulded in glass-fibre-reinforced plastic for outstanding stiffness.The slightly reduced surface areas and slim profiles of the fin and rudder result in less drag

Set contents: vacuum-moulded ABS parts for hull, deck, glass-fibre-reinforced plastic boatstand, rudder and keel fin, cast keel ballast, various injection-moulded plastic parts, carbon-fibre tubing for mast and booms, ready-made sail suit, polyester cord, small parts, instructions in German, English and French
Pre-sewn sail suit of white/red, lightweight sail fabric
Lightweight but stable rig constructed from CFRP tubing.
The rig consists of high-quality plastic fittings
Hull, deck, hatch cover and keel mast socket are made of vacuum-moulded CNC-machined ABS
The Graupner/SJ range now also contains a model from the well-known RG65 regatta class in the form of the GR65.
In spite of its unusually small size the GR65 is a full-value regatta model yacht which is controlled using all the usual functions.
The technical requirements of the regatta scene are taken into account in the GR65.
The GR65's compactsize makes it extremely easy to transport and the ideal choice for taking on holiday.
RC functions
Rudder control, sail control
Overall length, approx. : 655 mm
Beam, approx.: 85 mm
Weight RC system incl., drive battery excl.: 1020 g
Hull length, approx. : 650 mm
Mast size above deck: 1002 mm
Overall height approx.: 1360 mm

Price:207.60 (Including VAT at 20%)


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