HMS Ble Bell Flower class corvette

HMS Ble Bell Flower class corvette
Ref: 9049
ARTR (Almost Ready To Run)
The HMS Blue Bell was a Flower class corvette, that did service in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. It was placed into service in July 1940. It served in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Arctic, escorted convoys to Russia, and also took part in the invasions of Sicily and France. It was torpedoed and sunk by U-711 under the command of Hans-Günther Lange. It happened on February 17, 1945 while escorting convoy RA-64 from Murmansk. Only 1 member of its crew survived. Additional information on the model can be found on the Internet.

Almost-Ready-to-Run (ARTR) model
GRP hull
Superstructure of laser-cut ABS parts
Details and small parts of metal
Fine detailing
Dinghies with multicoloured paint scheme
Fuselage, superstructure, cranes spray painted with matte colours
Rotating main gun
Built-in electric motor of the SPEED class
Simple installation of the RC components
Included in delivery: Model, ship stand, small parts


Scale 1:48
Overall length, approx. 1280 mm
Beam, approx. 215 mm
Overall height approx. 500 mm
All-up weight, approx. 10050 g

RC functions

Rudder adjustment, forward/reverse with proportional control

Price:994.80 (Including VAT at 20%)


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