Graupner Moonraker

Graupner Moonraker
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R/C Mega-Yacht. True-scale model of the world's fastest mega-yacht. For 3 JET propulsion systems and electric power. Multi-channel R/C. Quick-build kit with moulded hull, deck and superstructure.

Product information
The Moonraker was completed in 1992 and its top speed of 124 km/h makes it the fastest mega-yacht in the world at present. The boat s owner, John Staluppi, had previously held the record with his yacht ]OCTOPUSSY (99 km/hr).
Staluppi entrusted the layout and design of the new vessel to Frank Mulder, whose Dutch studio ]Mulder Design specialises in high-quality motor yachts.
The yacht was built at the Ulstein Elkefjord Marine yard, which is part of the ]Norship consortium of Norwegian dockyards. The Moonraker cost more then 15 million DM to build, and was originally designed to be fitted with three MTU diesel engines: two 16-V 396 T8 94's, each rated at 3480 BHP outboard, in conjunction with two steer able KaMeWa jet units, and a central 1200 BHP 12-V 183 TE 92 combined with a booster jet.
However, tank testing showed that this combination would only produce a top speed of about 85 km/h. The centre diesel engine was then replaced by a Textron Lycoming TF-40 gas turbine, rated at 4600 BHP. Total engine power is thus 11,560 BHP, and the boat achieved a speed of 124 km/h during sea trials off Norway.

Specification Length 1470 mm Beam 284 mm
Weight 8,1 kg Scale 1:25

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