Dean Marine H.M.S Tanatside

Dean Marine H.M.S Tanatside
Ref: 1982
In 1938 the Navy saw the need for a small, fast destroyer type of ship, to carry out escort and screening duties for convoys with a reasonable Anti Aircraft and Anti Submarine capability together with good sea keeping.
Tanatside was one of the large number of the Hunt class built in the three main types with 2 of the class in a forth group. Tanatside was launched at the Yarrow ship yard on the 30th April 1942.
For the full story of the Tanatside and her career we recommend the book by Captain Roger Hill "Destroyer Captain".
Details of the kit
A plated fibreglass hull forms the base for this model of these "Pert" little ships. Decks and superstructure are in 1mm printed plastic sheet with .5mm sheet for the 2 main structures.
To complete this detailed little ship over 150 cast metal and cast plastic items along with vacforming for all gun shield, gun cabs, ship boats are provided.
Etched brass for the stanchions give the finishing touch to the dainty appearance of this ship.
As in all the kits it is complete with all running hardware ie; proptubes, propshafts in stainless steel, rudder, tiller arm etc. "On the water" performance and steering are outstanding as proved by Mr. M. Demain who held the Kit class National place for 3 years with one of these ships.....

Scale 1/96 Length 889m Beam 101mm Sailing weight 2.1kgs

Price:265.20 (Including VAT at 20%)


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