Corel Sm18 Half Moon

Corel Sm18 Half Moon
Ref: 1947
Early 17th century Dutch galleon
In 1609, the English captain, Henry Hudson aboard the HALF MOON was trying to find a North-West passage to Asia when he discovered a bay into which a river 500 km long drained.
After sailing up the river, Hudson took possession in the name of the Dutch government baptising it the North or Maurice River in honour of the Prince of Nassau.
Our box contains a faithful reproduction of the original ship which is easy to assemble thanks to our new technical assembly criteria the excellent quality of our materials the clarity of the drawings which are easy to read.
The complete prefabrication of the components (excluding the synthetic materials).

Details :Scale 1:50 Height 525 mm Length. 520 mm

Price:199.19 (Including VAT at 20%)


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