Radio Controlled 1/4 Scale Laser Yacht

Radio Controlled 1/4 Scale Laser Yacht
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Radio Controlled 1/4 Scale Laser Yacht Complete with bag
The RC Laser has a 16" keel. So you can sail nearly anywhere you can find knee-deep water . You can sail it in the ocean, in a pond or lake, a river or stream - or in your swimming pool, it makes no difference. The RC Laser sails in anything from a few knots up to 35 knots of wind .
The RC Laser was designed by Bruce Kirby. Over 174,000 have been built to date, making the Laser the most popular racing class of all time.

The RC Laser is a 1/4 scale model of the real thing with certain modifications for model performance - all carefully designed and tested by Bruce Kirby and Jon Elmaleh . The RC Laser is a classed racer and even has its own uk association see link So if you feel like you want to race this model just look the site up to see how to sign up join this increasingly popular hobby .

The RC Laser comes complete so there are no hidden expenses.(apart from 12 aa batteries for the transmitter and receiver ).

There are also a few accessories like a carrying bag and two different sails set's to use as well A Rig for light wind conditions and C Rig For those rather blowy days .
But the bottom line is, all you really need is 12 AA batteries for your radio control equipment and you are ready to sail right out of the box.

* Hull and deck moulded in one piece Polyethylene
* Mast is tapered fibreglass composite, two piece
* Sail is sleeved to slide over the mast. Sail is made of non-woven polyester composite film.
* Mast is stepped into a non-captive deck step that allows mast to swivel. There is no standing rigging.
* Gooseneck fitting is fixed so boom vang is not necessary.
* Keel and rudder snap in and out in an instant - no tools
* Easy access to radio compartment via snap-lid port.
* Easy to adjust stainless outhaul sliders
* Includes an RC Laser decal for car.
* All parts are interchangeable and inexpensive to replace.
* Two channel AM Radio system (drum sail winch, steering servo installed)
* Batteries not included - requires 12 ea AA batteries, either alkaline or rechargeable.
* Boat is corrosion resistant and salt water safe.


Length Deck 41.5" Length Waterline 37.75" Beam 13.5" Draft 17"
Main Hoist 50" Mast top above deck 54" Bottom of keel to top of mast 73" Displacement 9 lbs

Sail Area
A Rig 949 sq. in (B Rig 710 sq. in This is the standard rig that comes in the box ).C Rig 600 sq. in

Radio Gear
5 Channel Planet 2.4 System
Sail Winch HiTec HS725BB
Rudder Servo HiTec HS300 or 303

Kit Comes complete with Bag

Price:421.61 (Including VAT at 20%)


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