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Ready Mixed Rust Effect Liquid In 20ml Plastic Pot
Ready Mixed Rust Effect Liquid In 20ml Plastic Pot
Ref: 4839
What is it?

A rust effect liquid.

Opaque solid colour, not translucent.

Alcohol and dye mixture.

Water soluble. Can be wiped off with a wet cotton bud or kitchen roll.

Brush apply, not for airbrushing.

Best used in small areas areas rathar than on large panels.

General Information

Works best at room temp. Keep jar at room temperature for 4 hours or more before use.

Usually sticks well to most surfaces, but will stick better if surfaces are matt varnished before applying rust liquid.

Matt varnish will also help protect paintwork from getting stained by the mixture. The alcohol in the mixture can also damage some surfaces, especially paintwork and printed surfaces and matt varnish reduces this.

Shake jar very well before use, make sure that the ball bearing rattles for 20 to 30 seconds. Shake before every use and if the jar has been standing for more than a minute, or just stir the liquid with the brush.

How to use

Apply with a firm brush and let it dry at room temperature and the rust effect will form. Not for airbrushing.

It looks like a dark liquid at first, and then dries to a rust effect.

Best to apply small amounts using a firm brush, dabbing it onto small areas at a time. Almost a "dry-brushing" technique.

It also works well if larger amounts are painted on, but it can flow into fine groves and panel lines and fill them.

To preserve detail, apply less.

It’s good to experiment by applying fine coats and thick coats to see the difference in the effect.

Also apply onto small areas using a fine brush. For example, the bottom of metal panels, or around panel junctions.

Or, apply onto larger areas such as the black undercarriage of a wagon.

After the mixture has fully dried and the rust effect formed, some can be rubbed using a clean slightly wet stiff brush. I have found through practice that this is the best way to remove a little at a time. You can use a wet cotton bud or damp kitchen roll, but bits of cotton or paper tend to get caught on sharp projections and these can be difficult to remove. I wiped some rust effect off projections using harder paper from my print machine and this worked well and did not get caught.

If a lot of water is used it will re-wet the rust effect. When this dries again it will dry darker creating dark patches which look really good.

After the first coat has dried, a second coat can be applied over the top. This second coat creates darker patches, just like real rust. I found it best to apply the second coat in small patches to create these colour variations. A third coat can be applied to make patches even darker.

Don’t dilute rust mixture with water. This will make it powdery (mind you, this is also interesting).

Varnishing the model after using rust changes the colour of the rust effect. It’s best not to apply vanish over rust effect.

This demonstration is on black plastic undercarriage.
If I were to use rust effect on paintwork I would matt varnish the paintwork before applying the rust effect.

Price:7.98 (Including VAT at 20%)


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