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Robbe Ready Built Düsseldorf fire fighting boat Pt No 1195
Robbe Ready Built Düsseldorf fire fighting boat Pt No 1195
Ref: 9038
Scale ARTR model of a fire-fighting boat to 1 : 25 scale.

The full-size vessel
The Düsseldorf fire-fighting boat was developed and built by Rheinwerft GmbH & Co., based in Mainz-Mombach, for use in the Ruhr region of Germany. Equipped to cope with catastrophic events - whether it is a ship on fire, escaped oil or a harbour system in danger of explosion - the vessel's fire monitors can hurl water or foam a distance of up to 95 m, and a height of 45 m, operating at a pressure of 10.5 bar. The two twelve-cylinder V-engines generate a total power of 930 kW (1260 BHP), giving the vessel a maximum speed of around 37 km/hr.

The model :
The model is pre-fabricated to such an extent that the only remaining work is the installation of a few fittings and the receiving system components. It is possible to complete the Düsseldorf in just a few hours, even if you have no prior modelling experience. The model is finished in a multi-colour paint scheme applied to a superb standard. The glazing panels consists of tinted plastic, and are fitted individually together with the window frames.
Set contents
Almost-Ready-to-Run model including fittings set and power set
GRP hull finished in multi-colour paint scheme
Factory-assembled superstructure finished in multi-colour paint scheme, plastic sheet construction with inset clear tinted glazing panels.
Powerful electric motors (direct-drive; no gearboxes)
Propeller shafts, stern tubes and couplings installed, ready to use
Factory-installed twin rudder system
Fittings already installed, including painted railing components, fire monitors, mast, flags, lifebelts, radar system, bollards, anchor and anchor winch, plus further small items
Multi-lingual installation instructions for the RC components (RC system not included)
Option of installing servos and pump for fire monitors


Additional technical data fitting and drive kit included Length approx: 1170 mm Height approx: 400 mm Total displacement approx: 9000 g Width approx: 250 mm Scale: 1:25

Price:£399.98 (Including VAT at 20%)


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Sylt Police boat Pt No 1194
Sylt Police boat Pt No 1194
Ref: 4689
The original Was Built In April 2009 the Water Police Schleswig-Holstein passed the largest and most modern police boat. That was the name "Sylt" baptized boat built by Fassmer shipyard in Berne on the Weser River and is the second of four boats for the renewal of the police fleet.

The area of the 34-meter-long "Sylt" ranges from the Danish border to the mouth of the Elbe. In addition to the control tasks in this sea area include fishing supervision and support of the police in the North Sea islands. With a top speed of 26 knots (nearly 50 miles per hour) is the "Sylt" thus the strongest and fastest boat in the police fleet.
The model :In our search for a suitable model for a new flagship of the Robbe ship program, the choice fell on the "Sylt ". Has inspired us in addition to their modern design, the variety of options for special functions that constitute a genuine Robbe vessel function. The imposing size of the model contains enough space for additional expansion opportunities. Thus, sound and lighting functions, a remote-controlled crane, rotating radar will be fully functional anchor winch and many other special features from the builder of the "Sylt" implemented. Even the dinghy can be optionally equipped with a drive and can be operated remotely. Who pays special attention to high scale fidelity can use the extra available expansion set to bridge the "Sylt" equip fully detailed with fine control booth, computer screens, card table and many other parts and obtains an exact scale implementation of the original in the model.
" Hull and deck in white, thermoformed ABS plastic
" Steering position and structure of white, CNC-machined plastic plates
" Mounting parts for drive and electronic components from white CNC-machined plastic plates
" Complete rudder system with small parts
" Small parts for assembly
" Bulky items for the main mast and rail
" Multi-colored decals
" Multi-lingual building instructions and assembly drawings
" Boat Stands

Total displacement approx: 6000 g Length approx: 1200 mm Height approx: 520 mm Width approx: 250 mm Scale: 1:25

Sylt Plice Boat

Sylt Police Boat
Sylt Police Boat £549.98
Sylt Fittings Pt No 11941000 £346.50
Sylt Power Set Pt No 11942000 £99.98
Sylt Cabin Fitting Set Pt No 11944000 £99.98


Magin II.1  1123
Magin II.1 1123
Ref: 3349
Semi-scale model of a high-performance racing yacht to 1 : 10 scale
The outstanding features of these high-performance racing yachts are their elegant design, luxurious fittings and - especially - their tremendously powerful engines.
To ensure that our model of the Magin Two should be as impressive in every respect as the full-size vessel, we placed special emphasis on re-creating its elegant lines. The requirement for high performance is fulfilled and even exceeded with the optional power set, containing two powerful, high-performance brushless motors: in test-runs we have recorded speeds of more than 60 km / hr.
The enormous performance and highly efficient double aluminium rudder system require an operator with steely nerves.

Kit contents:
# Vacuum-moulded ABS plastic hull, deck, cockpit and hatch covers
# CNC-machined plastic parts for installation of power system and RC system
# Double aluminium rudder system with linkage components
# Small parts for emergency-OFF plug
# Small assembly items
# Multi-colour decal sheet
# Multi-lingual building instructions
# Boatstand

Optional RC functions :
Length: 1030 mm
Width: 240 mm
Height: 210 mm
Total displacement: 3400 g

Please Select
Magin II.1 Pt No 1123 £225.00
Magin II.1 Drive Set 1124 £128.96


Fire Boat FLB Pt No 1091
Fire Boat FLB Pt No 1091
Ref: 3340
Semi-scale model of a fire-fighting boat to 1 : 25 scale
"Bulk freighter burning at river kilometre 355". These words trigger the FLB-1
fire-fighting boat into action, and it immediately leaves its mooring and dashes to the aid of those in need.
These boats form the backbone of the fire-fighting service, which also provides technical assistance in German waters.

Kit contents:
Vacuum-moulded ABS plastic hull , Vacuum-moulded ABS plastic superstructure, deck, bulwark and small parts
CNC-machined plastic parts for installation of power system and RC system , Fire monitor
Corrugated sheet material , Electric motor (400-size) , 2 mm Ø propeller shaft and stern tube
30 mm Ø propeller , Self-centring shaft coupling , Small assembly parts , Multi-colour decal sheet
Multi-lingual building instructions , Boatstand

RC functions
Rudder , Throttle , *Auxiliary working systems" Lighting systems"

Length: 630 mm Width: 185 mm Height: 380 mm Total displacement: 2000 g

Please Select
Fittings set Fire Boat FLB- (1) 1-1092 £62.99
Fire Boat FLB £132.00


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