New Version Traxxas Spartan With Castle Creations Spec

New Version Traxxas Spartan With Castle Creations Spec
Ref: 3709

The foundation of Spartan's extreme performance is its all-new hull. The clean, modern hull design is built up in layers for maximum rigidity where it matters most, the transom and ride pad. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, Spartan's ABS hull is designed to withstand the stress of high-voltage brushless horsepower, without the weight penalty of a fiberglass hull. The transom bulkhead also incorporates bosses for the trim tabs, turn fins, rudder support, and drive strut, eliminating the need for plywood doublers and additional hardware inside the hull. In the Spartan's bow, molded foam is form-fitted to the interior, adding security as it further stiffens the hull. Outside the hull, Spartan impresses with its durable, vivid, factory-applied graphics a Traxxas trademark.

Easy-Access Hatch
Spartan's hatch is secured by a single body clip and removes in seconds for fast and easy access to the hull interior. No sealing tape is required, and a specially designed drip rail in the hull channels away any water that washes over the hatch.

Body-Clip Lanyard
You'll never drop a body clip into the pond with Spartan! A flexible rubber lanyard keeps the body clip secured to the hatch so it's always at the ready. It's just one of the many small details that makes a day at the pond with Spartan fun and easy.

Streamlined Water Outlet
Nothing was overlooked in the effort to optimize every detail of the Spartan—even the water outlet is unique! Instead of an unsightly piece of tubing, Spartan's water outlet is streamlined and integrated into the hull, maintaining its sleek look.

Factory-Applied Graphics
Spartan's bold graphics make it the most stunning boat on the pond, with a custom look even pro painters can't match. No painting or decaling is required; all the graphics are pre-applied to get Spartan out of the box and into the water with speed and style.

Integrated Battery Trays
Spartan's hull is further strengthened by its integrated battery trays, which securely hold a variety of battery configurations—from the included 7-cell Power Cell NiMH packs to 3S LiPos. The roomy trays allow the hull to be trimmed by positioning the packs fore and aft, and convenient hook and loop straps secure the batteries.

Removable Power Module
A signature feature of the Spartan is its unique Power Module. The VXL-6s speed control, waterproof receiver box, and powerful 2056 high-torque servo are all bolted securely to the tray. Detach the steering linkage and flex cable, then loosen just two screws to release the Spartan's electronics. All of the electronic components, including the motor and stuffing tube, lift out as a unit. No other boat makes it so easy to access the hull interior and electronics, and the molded parts fit into the hull precisely for perfect alignment without crude brackets or wooden stringers. The Power Module also contributes to the Spartan's stability by holding the electronic components low in the hull. Spartan's low center of gravity, combined with its wave-cutting deep-V hull, gives it high stability without compromising high performance.

Quick Release Flex Cable
Some boats rely on set-screws to pinch the flex shaft in place. Setscrews are prone to loosening and can damage the flex shaft—that's not the Traxxas way. Spartan features a clamping collet that holds the cable tightly and centers it perfectly with the motor's output shaft for smooth, efficient operation. When it's time for maintenance, the collet releases quickly with a twist of the included precision wrench. Once loosened, the prop and flex cable simply slide out. Reinstallation is just as fast, making it easy to keep your Spartan running in absolute peak form.

High-Performance Prop
Spartan's surface-piercing prop is optimized to get the hull on plane quickly without cavitation and to run at maximum speed with the least current draw. Traxxas engineers spent many hours testing prop configurations to find the perfect balance of performance, efficiency, and durability. Molded composite construction makes the prop light and tough, and no balancing or sharpening is required.

High-Strength Aluminum Hardware
Extreme brushless horsepower demands rigid drive hardware and a flex-free transom for sharp and predictable handling. The rudder, rudder support and drive strut are extruded and machined from rugged 6000-series aluminum alloy for maximum strength, and then polished and anodized vivid blue for that unmistakable Traxxas look. When you lean the Spartan over into a water-carving turn, you can count on the rudder to dig in and hold your line. The rudder incorporates a pickup for the water-cooling system, and uses oilite bushings for smooth steering action. The drive strut also uses oilite bushings for corrosion-free performance, and features an oiling hole for easy maintenance.

Stainless-Steel Trim Tabs & Turn Fins
Spartan's dual trim tabs and turn fins are critical to its high-speed performance. The parts are precision die-cut and bent from stainless steel to resist corrosion as they provide aggressive cornering 'bite' and the proper hull attitude for water-boiling speed.

Stainlees Steel Hex Hardware
Spartan uses corrosion-resistant stainless-steel and nickel-plated hardware throughout for good looks, easy maintenance, and lasting performance. Convenient hex heads make Spartan a pleasure to maintain.

Velineon VXL-6s Marine Brushless System
Extreme Velineon brushless horsepower delivers the muscle you want with the reliability you expect from Traxxas. 30+mph out of the box on the included 7-cell battery packs is just the start. The VXL-6s Marine electronic speed control is built for true 6S LiPo power.* On-board low voltage detection helps you maintain your batteries. The extra voltage and current maximizes the potential of the Velineon 540XL motor for extreme 50+mph speed. The rebuildable, sensorless Velineon 540XL motor is designed for high-rpm performance and reliability with ultra high-temperature sintered Neodymium magnets, a precision-balanced rotor, and efficient, high-speed ball bearings. Cooling water is routed through the innovative speed control case and then into a unique sealed motor jacket that allows cooling water to flow directly against the motor for maximum possible heat transfer. The Spartan keeps its cool, run after run, for trouble-free all-day fun.

Velineon® VXL-6s Marine ESC
Innovative waterproof design
integrated water cooling
Three programmable drive profiles:
Sport Mode – 100% FWD / 15% REV
Race Mode - 100% FWD / No REV
Training Mode – 50% FWD / 15% REV
High-efficiency MOSFET transistors
Built-in two-stage low-voltage detection for LiPo batteries
Thermal overload protection
Voltage overload protection
Locked rotor protection
Throtle Neutral Setting protection
NiCad and NiMH battery packs: 6-18 cells (7.2 to 21.6 volts)
LiPo battery packs: 2-6 cells (7.4 to 22.2 volts)
12-gauge Maxx Cable wire
Traxxas High-Current Connectors

Velineon® 540XL Brushless Motor
Ultra high-temperature sintered Neodymium magnets
Optimized for power and efficiency in marine applications
Consistent, high-power output, run after run
Low-maintenance design
Efficient, high-speed ball bearings
Precision-balanced rotor
High-efficiency bullet connectors
5mm output shaft
Brilliant blue-anodized finish
Silicon steel laminations
Unique high-flow silicone water cooling jacket

Traxxas High-Current Connectors
The VXL-6s electronic speed control comes equipped with Traxxas patented High-Current Connectors and Maxx® cable 12-gauge wire. Designed to handle high-current applications, Traxxas Connectors effortlessly funnel the dual batteries' total power to the electronics, keeping things running cool and at full capacity even at the highest power levels, run after run. Click here for more info about the Traxxas High-Current Connector.

TQ 2.4GHz Radio System With Traxxas Link
Traxxas introduces the next generation of 2.4GHz radio system performance and it's available now with the Spartan. The new Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz computerized High Output radio systems are equipped with superior Direct Sequence Spread-Spectrum (DSSS) technology, fully programmable features, and the convenience of patent-pending Traxxas Link™ automatic model recognition. Forget about crystals and frequency conflicts! The transmitter's easy-to-use design provides the instant, worry-free, turn-it-on-and-go driving fun you expect from Traxxas, while also delivering a full compliment of pro-level tuning features for those who wish to explore the expanded tuning possibilities. The Multi-Function knob on the face of the transmitter can be programmed to control a variety of functions such as steering exponential, steering and braking dual rate, and throttle trim. Access is through a simple menu tree controlled by a two-button interface. Other tuning options include end point adjustment, servo reversing, and sub trim adjustment. Top-level performance is what you expect from Traxxas, so the new TQ 2.4GHz High Output pumps out a strong, clear signal for optimum range. The 13ms frame rate and near zero latency results in instant steering and throttle response along with precise, smooth control.
The exclusive Traxxas Link™ automatic model recognition software is a breakthrough in "model memory" that makes it easier than ever to enjoy multiple Traxxas Link enabled models without juggling transmitters or scrolling through complex menus searching for model names. Each time the transmitter is bound to a new receiver, it saves that receiver in its memory, along with all the model settings assigned to that receiver. The next time that transmitter and any previously bound receiver (up to 20!) are switched on, the transmitter automatically recalls the settings for that receiver. Just power up the transmitter and the model you want to drive, and the settings for that model are dialed in immediately! Up to 20 Traxxas Link enabled receivers and 20 Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz High Output transmitters can be cross bound together making it possible to grab ANY transmitter and ANY vehicle from the group, switch them on, and start driving. It's perfect for when you have lots of vehicles you want to drive but don't want to have to keep up with which transmitter belongs to which model. Traxxas Link does it for you, seamlessly behind the scenes. For more info about the TQ™ 2.4GHz High Output radio system, click here.

5-channel Micro Receiver with Fail-Safe Security
The TQ 2.4GHz micro receiver's integrated LINK button makes it fast and easy to bind the receiver, and the two-color LED indicates power-on and bind status for fool-proof control and convenience. Traxxas Link allows the receiver to recognize up to twenty TQ 2.4Ghz Traxxas Link enabled transmitters—just switch on and drive. In the event of signal loss due to an accidental switch-off or depleted batteries, the receiver will automatically return the throttle to neutral and hold the last commanded steering position. The Fail Safe programming is built-in and does not need to be set or activated.

Waterproof Electronics
Waterproof electronics are a must in the marine environment. Traxxas electronics are fully waterproof (not just water resistant). The speed control, servo, and receiver all feature rugged waterproofing protection for dependable operation you can count on. It's an innovation you'll find only in Traxxas vehicles.

High-Torque Waterproof Servo
Spartan demands a powerful steering servo for responsive performance, and Traxxas delivers with the 2056 high-torque servo. O-ring seals make the servo completely waterproof, and there's steering muscle to spare with 80 oz-in of torque at your command. That's twice the power of typical "standard" servos.

Sealed Watertight Receiver Box
Traxxas' innovative, ground-breaking waterproof receiver box routes the antenna and servo wires neatly through a special watertight seal (patent pending). To protect the receiver, a custom shaped blue O-ring seals the receiver box. Thanks to the unique design, the receiver can be removed for service and even aftermarket receivers can be used, without losing the sealing properties of the box.

Power Cell Batteries Included
Spartan includes two genuine Power Cell Battery Packs to make sure you experience all the performance that's been engineered into your Traxxas model. Power Cell packs are optimized for free-flowing power and maximum punch with premium quality, low-resistance cells; flexible, silicone-jacketed 12-gauge wire; heavy-duty welded tabs; and Traxxas' high-output, gold plated, high-current connectors. Seven cell packs give Spartan 16.8 volts of motivation for maximum speed, and precision assembly with attractive, individually wrapped cells and clear overwrap complete the Traxxas Power Cell package.

Unmatched Customer Support and Parts Availability
Spartan comes fully-assembled and Ready-To-Race® with the TQ™ 2.4GHz four-channel radio system installed and adjusted, waterproof electronics with VXL-6s Electronic Speed Control, TQ 2.4GHz High Output radio system, Power Cell batteries, and detailed instructions. Traxxas backs the Spartan and all of our products with top-notch support that is second to none. A staff of skilled representatives is on-hand to answer your questions via phone, website, or e-mail ( Unmatched parts support allows Spartan to be serviced with parts and support from thousands of hobby dealers worldwide. Your investment is also protected by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty. Traxxas goes the extra mile to ensure that your R/C experience is easy and fun (and fast!).
MODEL 5707: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®, TQ 2.4GHz High Output radio system with
Traxxas Link, Velineon® 540XL Brushless Motor, VXL-6s Marine ESC and factory-applied graphics.

Hull Type: Deep-V
Dead Rise Angle: 26 Degrees
Hull Length: 36.5 Inches (927mm)
Overall Length: 40.8 (1037mm)
Overall Height: 5.8 (147mm)
Beam (width): 9.5 Inches (243mm)
Weight: 72oz (2041g)
Speed Control Type:Traxxas Velineon® VXL-6s, Water-cooled
Input Voltage: 7-18 NiMH Cells, 2-6 LiPo Cells
(8.4-22.2 Volts DC)
BEC Voltage: 6.0 VDC
BEC Current: 3A
Power Wire: 12 gauge Maxx Cable
Thermal Protection: Thermal shutdown
Low Voltage Detection: Yes (user enabled)
Motor (electric): Traxxas Velineon® 540XL Brushless, water-cooled
Drive System: Direct Drive, 0.150" Flex Cable
Outdrive: Adjustable Aluminum
Prop: 2-blade composite, 42x59mm
Transmitter: TQ 2.4GHz High Output with Traxxas Link
Receiver: 2218 2.4GHz Micro 5-channel
with Traxxas Link
Servo: 2056 High-torque waterproof
Batteries: (2) Power Cell 7-cell
with High Current Connector
Charger: Not included
Skill Level: 2

Price:411.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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