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Alpha 250Q HoTT Race Copter with Receiver/Flight Controller
Alpha 250Q HoTT Race Copter with Receiver/Flight Controller
Ref: 9196
The firmware upgradeable 2.4GHz GR-18 telemetry enabled flight controller/receiver provides a clean and trouble free installation. The copter transmitter and equipment are housed in a single sturdy case, leaving plenty of room for further expansion of the copter frame. Changing flight performance and PID controller settings can be done directly from the radio wherever you are. No computer or software needed to make any changes! Just use your radio to access the GR-18 controller which can also function as an aircraft 3-axis gyro stabilizer and helicopter flybarless flight controller. The GR-18 controller enables many multirotor configurations, providing an expansion path to different types of multirotors.

Safety is key when flying race copters and the Alpha 250Q provides the operator with many safety features for a worry free experience. Real-time information is constantly transmitted from the copter flight systems, providing voice notifications of main battery level, altitude, temperatures and radio signal strength, as well as being continuously monitored by the GR-18 controller. When an unsafe condition occurs such as flying out of range, busting altitude or hitting a user definable low battery level, the operator is immediately notified.

The Alpha 250Q Race Coper provides different flight modes that can be switched during flight depending on user preferences and experience, accommodating any flying style. Flight behavior can be easily modified by changing the controller settings using the HoTT Over-The-Air radio interface available on any Graupner HoTT radio (6ch and up).

FPV Flying the Alpha 250 race copter using FPV (First Pilot View) gear adds an additional thrill when racing. The strong race copter frame provides plenty of room and has been designed to accommodate a variety of FPV gear which can be purchased separately.

The Alpha 250Q Race Copter can be expanded with many additional options such as a GPS module, canopies, Bluetooth for telemetry display on Smartphones and tablets, multi bladed props, cameras, FPV and much more!


Expertly built no assembly needed
Integrated triple mode receiver and flight controller
Selectable flight modes (beginner to expert)
Receiver with out-of-the-box built in telemetry (altitude, voltage, RF signal strength, RX temperature)
Live voice telemetry announcements of flight data
Warning voice notifications of battery level, radio range and assigned maximum altitude
Over the air access for copter setup with any Graupner HoTT radio (6ch and up)
No computer or setup boxes needed to configure or operate
Powerful, lightning fast response Graupner Ultra 2300Kv motors
Graupner high performance copter C-Props
High frequency switching Graupner performance ESC’s
Strong 3mm carbon motor frames and 2mm carbon chassis
Heavy duty aluminum carrying case for radio, copter and equipment transport
Carbon vibration free camera mount
High intensity LED light system
External JST power bus for FPV equipment
Alpha 250 Operating Voltage 3S LiPo Battery
Required Channels 5ch or more
RX Antenna 2 x 145 mm full range receiver
RX Telemetry Functions Altitude, temperature, signal strength, receiver voltage
Modulation 2.4GHz FHSS
RX Flight Modes Airplane, Helicopter FBL, Quad - Tri-L/R, Quadro X/+, Hexa V/I
RX Operating Voltage (2.5) 3.6~8.4V
RX Channels 9 channels
RX Firmware Upgrade Yes
RX Trainer Function Wireless
Motors 4 x Ultra Brushless 2804/2300Kv CW/CCW
Propellers C-Prop 2 x red, 2 x white CW/CCW
Speed Controller 4 x Ultra Brushless Controllers
Telemetry Voltage Module XH Adapter
Rotorbase 250mm
Height 75mm with gear and camera mount
Weight 350g

Price:300.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Alpha 250Q HoTT Race Copter Ready For HoTT
Alpha 250Q HoTT Race Copter Ready For HoTT
Ref: 9197
The Graupner Alpha 250Q is specially developed for racing Quadcopter made by Graupner. Speeds up to 100 km extremely lightweight carbon fiber construction and technically optimized to the Racing components used -
Thanks to the already built-GR-18 receiver with integrated Flight Control handle even beginners in the shortest time spectacular flight maneuvers. In the ready-for-HoTT variant in addition to the receiver GR-18 (No. 33579) or 4 Ultra brushless motors 2804 (No. S7047 / S7048), the controller (No. S3055), a LiPo battery VMAX 3/1500 (No. 9717.3.D35) and the charger LiPo Balancer charger 2S-3S (No. S2015). the set is ideal for those who already own a HoTT remote control. FPV camera and goggles can be ordered in Graupner Shop. The Graupner online shop offers a wide range of accessories and spare parts for model making and model sport.

Price:330.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Ref: 9198
Race Copter Alpha 250Q with Receiver & FPV camera: The alpha male

The Graupner Race Copter Alpha 250Q was specially developed for racing. The Copter combines speed, agility, lightweight and robust. In this version of the Quadcopter is already a Graupner GR-18 receiver (No. 33579) equipped. This features an integrated flight control. Thus even beginners can lie spectacular maneuvers in the shortest time. The FPV camera kit is perfect for those pilots who already have an FPV Glasses or want to experience the first-person perspective when flying by Monitor. The built-ALPHA 250 MINI CAMERA (No . 16520.40) has a 1/3 '' Sony image sensor and has a resolution of 752 x 582. The wide-angle lens captures extra-wide field of view. Low delay times make the ALPHA 250 MINI CAMERA the optimal choice for FPV race. The camera supports the common PAL format. Spare parts and accessories can be found around the clock in Graupner Shop. Discover the fascination of model making and model sport.

80-100 km / h with original equipment and 3S LiPo
Robust, modular design. Chassis and arms made of carbon fiber and anodized aluminum bolts
Extremely precise flight control
Flight Control is integrated in the receiver. Software made in Germany
Very direct and precise flight by eliminating additional transmission paths
All settings HoTT transmitter feasible
Lampwork 2300Kv brushless external rotor motors with special multiple winding and optimized cooling
Simplified entry into the FPV Racing by location mode or professional FPV Racing in rotation rate mode
Streamlined look by double bottom for stowing the controller and cables
Voltage module for timely warning voltage for a safe landing.
No skewing of the engines in order to avoid air turbulence of the rear propeller.
Even Secure propeller recordings
LED lighting
Stiffer Props with extremely high efficiency and flight characteristics tuned for FPV Racing
Universal construction for the use of FPV camera with and without Action Cam
Thoughtful Design for optimized mounting of components
Included in set
finished quad copter ALPHA 250 RACE mounted
2 ULTRA BRUSHLESS engines in 2804 with right-hand thread (No. S7048)
2 ULTRA BRUSHLESS MOTORS 2804 with left hand thread (No. S7047)
1 pair Copter C Props Red (1 x R / 1 x L) (No. 1348.5X3)
1 pair Copter C Props White (1 x R / 1 x L) (No. 1347.5X3)
4 controller ULTRACONTROL 12A Multicopter (No. S3055)
GR-18 with Coptersoftware preset (No. 33579)
FPV Camera (No. 16520.40)
25mW 5.8GHz video transmitter (No. 48326)
Voltage Module (No. 33630.1)
mounting material

Price:369.60 (Including VAT at 20%)


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